Coin Operated Upright Arcade Machine

This sleek tabletop design utilizes a 19 inch screen, same as most full size arcade machines, full size buttons and a classic cherry ball joystick. With its compact cabinet it takes up a lot less room but still delivers all the same excitement and fun! At only 45 pounds it can be moved when needed or even taken with you to a friendís house. Finally, this machine is finished off with original Galaga graphics so you will have the look and feel of the classic stand up machines from the 80ís. You have your choice of either 412 games or 60 games. Click the links for a full list of games for each game board.


45 Pounds

This coin operated machine is great for adding additional income to your businesses. You can choose any available graphics package for your coin operated machine for no additional charge or get custom graphics with your logo for a small design fee. If you ever want it for home use, it can easily be switched to free play without the need of a technician.

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